Promenade Recliner Chair by Coaster. A Man and His Throne.

Hi there folks, and welcome back from your hopefully wonderful weekends. I would like to dedicate today’s post to one of the most versatile and incredible furniture concepts ever to have graced the showroom floors, an absolute fixture in the lives of many, and mainstay of living rooms the world over. It’s a chair, a sofa, a bed.  It is all and it is neither! an amalgamation of everything we love about furniture, it is the quintessential must-have furniture item, as it is, in a way, representative of  the standard of comfort and serenity we strive our whole lives to obtain.

Some call it a recliner, I call it awesome!

It represents our hard earned rest at the end of a long days work. It represents a weekend watching football and late night movie reruns. It represents the rest and relaxation of the golden years of retirement, reclining in a fire-lit living room surrounded by friends and family. It is at once a status symbol, a throne. He who commands it is generally both overseer of household affairs and more importantly, supreme commander of the television remote. Possess a  recliner and you have generally secured for yourself prime living room real-estate, and best of all, unlike couches and other less prominent pieces, you will never have to share!

My personal favorite, the one that occupies the number one spot in my living room as well as in my heart is the Promenade Recliner by Coaster. It’s casual contemporary design, with deep cozy seats and soft pillow top arms keep me cozy and comfortable. And it’s rich black leather match is elegant and inviting.

You know you want one, you know you need one! And now you know the best place get it, because as usual, MadisonSeating is where you will find the best selection at unbeatable prices! So what are you waiting for? Your throne awaits…